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Saffron Computer Club
Saffron Computer Club
To provide support and assistance to local PC users
Meetings held on the
2nd Tuesday of the Month
7.00pm for 7.30pm at the
Garden Room - 3 Hill Street,
Saffron Walden CB10 1EH
Word formatting talk by Christine,
Broadband basics talk by Richard, 
Computer Housekeeping and Maintenance talk by Richard,
Google talk by Richard,
Tips and Tricks for MS Word,
Website Design Demystified, by Martin Hugall,
Webmail and Outlook talk by Gerald,
Health Awareness talk by Dr. K. Huey,
Wordpress for website building talk by Rosemarie Gant,
A tour around my laptop by Steve Hasler,
Online Shopping talk by Richard,
Computer Games talk by Richard.
Making music on your computer talk by Richard
E Readers a talk by Christine
Cameras and settings - A talk by Gordon
Know Your Keyboard - A talk by Richard
Freecycle and othe websites of interest - A talk by Richard 11/9/2012
Members' Favourites - Favourite websites and programmes by some of our members.
Powerpoint - A talk by Richard
Interesting websites - A talk by Richard
YouTube - A talk by Martin
History of the computer - A talk by Eric
Improve Windows Performance - A talk by Christine
Christmas Special - A talk by Christine and Eric
Buying a new computer - A talk by Richard
Customising Windows 7 - A talk by Christine
XP, Windows 8 & 8.1 - A talk by Richard
Portable Apps - A talk by Richard
Power costs running your PC and other gadgets - A talk by Gerald
Powerpoint - A talk by Eric
Digital Audio - A talk by Richard
Tablets and Ereaders - A shared talk by Christine and Richard
Charts using Excel - A talk by Eric
Online Shopping - A talk by Eric
An Introduction to Social Media - A talk by Ellie Beare and Jake Nash

Operating systems, Cloud storage, Smartphones and Tablets - A talk by Richard
Jargon Explained - A talk be Christine and Eric
Windows 10 - A talk by Sean
Google Docs - A talk by Eric
Windows 10 Reminder - Tips and websites - Put together by Christine and Eric
Photos, using out smartphones - A talk by Richard
Privacy settings - A talk by Christine
Powerpoint - A presentation by Eric
Extracting audio from video - A talk by Christine
History of Communication - A talk by Seve Skelton
Internet Bowsing - A talk by Christine
Building a Photo Album - A talk by Kathleen 11/1/17
Free and not so free music apps - A talk by Steve
Ripping CDs and Cloud Storage - A talk by Christine
Saving money using your computer - A talk by Eric 14/11/17
Family Tree - A talk by Christine - September 2018
Buying and selling on Ebay - March 2019 - A talk by Eric
DNA Family History and Computers - A talk by Judy 11/6/19

Notes and presentation files are available to fully paid up members only.
If you wish to join, please visit the membership page and download a form, send us a message  using the  contact page or come and visit on a club night.
To access this page with links to the subject files please click HERE tutorial video available, please click link (Links page is only available to paid up members)